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Why hire a listing agent?

It is a natural feeling to focus on maximizing the greatest profit when it comes to listing your home for sale. Some people run into the conflict of not wanting to pay a commission to a listing agent, and that selling a home yourself may seem like an easy tactic. I can promise you that hiring a professional agent is the easiest and smartest way to sell your home.

The price of the home is typically the first question asked when it comes to hiring a listing agent! The fastest and most affordable way to sell the home is pricing the home correctly and being realistic. If you price the home to high there will be no activity and the listing will become stale. Pricing the home to low you obvious will lose money. An experienced agent know the market, and how to price a home correctly.

Selling your home is a business transaction which comes with negotiations. The sale process has 3 major negotiations; initial offer, counter offer, and post offer period. A skilled and objective negotiator along side you is crucial when experiencing the selling process.

Getting the attention and exposure to find a buyer, an agent will prepare all marketing materials, internet marketing, open houses, networks, etc. Professional agents are experts in this field and have so many connections to maximize the audience of the listing.

Last but not least a real estate agent can guarantee a smooth sale process. As a professional we have the experience to work through the process efficiently, conflicts, keeping everything on track, and facilitating contracts and escrow to an easy/smooth close.


Jamie Lou

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