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Easy improvements that increase your homes value.

If you are ever looking to increase the value of your home but are unsure what home improvement to make, my recommendation to you is curb appeal!! Curb appeal projects can vary from windows, doors, siding, inviting front porch and greenery. These kinds of improvements lead to a higher return on investment than interior improvements.

Keeping your yard manicured is one of the simplest and most cost effective things you can do to instantly improve your curb appeal. Trim and prune all bushes as needed and keep an eye on overgrowth. Curb appeal is basically everyone’s first impression of your home. If they aren’t impressed with the upkeep outside, most the time they won’t be interested in the inside of the house or anything else. You want your first impression to be great.

Another simple and cost effective improvement to add to your curb appeal is updating your mailbox area and your address numbers. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! If you want to add some charm add some flowers or some kind of vine at the base of your mailbox. Simple projects like these will look amazing to any buyer.


Jamie Lou

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